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How do you Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue?

There is an abundance of wedding venues in India today. Bangalore, for example, has over 1,200 wedding venues. Going through all these venues to find the perfect venue for your wedding is near impossible. There is no secret formula to finding the perfect wedding venue. It is the ideal fit between a venue and your style, requirements and budget that makes the venue perfect.

Huge indoor wedding venue decorated

How does one go about finding the perfect wedding venue?

1. Understand your needs

The first step would be to self reflect and understand what you as a couple or as families want from the venue and what you’d want it to look like. A few basic questions to ask yourselves would be: what dates are you planning to get married on? Do you want a destination or local wedding? Do you want a small or big wedding? Is the wedding indoors or outdoors?

2. Make a guest list

Make a list of all the people you want to invite to the wedding and estimate how many of the invitees will be able to attend the wedding. You don’t have to be extremely accurate as this is just an approximate figure to make sure the venue can accommodate the number of guests you will be expecting.

3. Meet a wedding planner

Contrary to popular belief, most wedding planners can get you the best deals at wedding venues. Some do have charges to help you with this, but our experience suggests that it still works out cheaper to go through a wedding planner. Moreover, they will help you with brainstorming ideas for various venues and help you understand what type of a venue you might be looking for.

4. Determine your budget

You need to arrive at an approximate figure of how much you would be comfortable spending on the venue. Furthermore, factor in that there are other expenses as well at the wedding such as decoration, entertainment, catering and photography.

5. Do your homework

Research the options that you have. An effective research technique is to talk to people from your social networks who planned their weddings at similar venues. Ensure that the weather conditions at the venue you’re looking at will be ideal for that time of the year (you wouldn’t want to be stuck planning an outdoor wedding during the monsoons). Further, make sure you have a preference order of the venues you like the most.

6. Set up venue tours

Set up visits to the venues that you’ve shortlisted. Don’t stress if you don’t like the first few venues. It just means that you haven’t come across the perfect venue yet but you will very soon!

7. Understand venue policies

Every venue has their own policies and it’s important to understand them. A few venues have fixed vendors for decorators, while some might have restrictions on the caterers they allow. Some might not give you exclusivity of the venue on that day as they might let out another area in the venue to someone else. Additionally, the payment terms and schedules are different for every venue.

8. Weigh the pros and cons

Weigh the pros and cons of the venues that you like and compare them. You should have a favorite or be in a situation where you prefer a venue that has checked lesser boxes than the others. This is completely fine. Be true to yourself. This is going to be your special day and you have the freedom to choose where you’d like to get married.

Searching for your wedding venue is fun. How often would you get to visit all these beautiful spaces and envision throwing an epic party? This opportunity doesn’t come around very often - enjoy the process!

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