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7 Things That Full-Service Wedding Planners Do

Wedding planning is a tedious task. Most couples or families organizing a wedding are doing it for the first time in their life and are unsure on how to go about tackling this daunting challenge. This is where wedding planners come in to play. Their job is to take the burden off the couple and their families through the whole process of planning the wedding. Besides which, they guide you on how to plan the wedding according to your budget, taste and style.

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So what is a full-service wedding planner? A full-service wedding planner is someone who takes care of all of their clients needs. A full-service wedding planner does the following:

1. Help in Budgeting, Contract and Venue Finalization

A full-service wedding planner helps in budgeting the entire wedding. They help in finding a venue that suits your needs and negotiate with the venue to get you the best deal. They also look into the minor details that goes into the contracts that could have been missed.

2. Hiring all the vendors

They hire all the vendors that you will require for your wedding - however big or small they might be. From decorators and photographers to mehendi artists and dholwaalas. They give you options for each vendor and even inform you about ones that you might have never known existed.

3. Extends beyond the couple

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The planners take care of all the guests invited to the wedding. From RSVP services to welcome hampers and personalized gifts. They ensure that every guest has a memorable experience.

4. It is a team effort

The planners have a whole team that work for them to make the wedding come to life. They have experts who lead various teams such as the decoration, vendor management, food and beverage and guest management.

5. Goes beyond the wedding day

Wedding planning goes beyond the wedding days. It extends to sangeet dance practices, pre wedding photo shoots and even honeymoon planning!

6. Includes designing and production

A wedding planner hanging flowers at the venue

Wedding planners play a vital role in designing the look and feel of the wedding events. They take care of the production of these designs leading up to the wedding.

7. Smaller Details

They focus on the finer details that make your day more special. They arrange for group photos, wake-up calls, steaming of clothes and ensuring that the air conditioning is set to the right temperature.

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