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10 Ways to Make Your Wedding Eco-Friendly

Protecting the environment is getting increasingly important, especially with the rise of the carbon footprint. Your wedding is meant to be the greatest day of your life, but you wouldn’t want that to be one where you aren’t being responsible towards the environment. Here are the best ways to make your wedding eco-friendly:

Flowers in an eco-friendly container

1. Wedding Invitations

You can give the physical paper invitations a complete miss by using e-invites which will go out either through email or instant messaging applications. If you want to stick to paper invites, then think of using recycled paper or plantable paper.

2. Food Waste

Ensure that the left over food at your wedding (you will definitely have lots at Indian weddings) is donated to a charity to feed more people or is used for composting. Make sure that the venue also segregates the remaining waste for disposing it.

3. Reusable Cutlery

Reusable paper containers

An on average a person uses 5 disposables at a wedding function. Avoid using disposable cutlery and use steel cutlery instead. Replace tissues with cloth napkins.

4. Cut Down Transportation

Have your wedding at a venue which is closest to majority of your guests. This would usually mean skipping a destination wedding. It will minimize the travel that guests have to make to attend the wedding. Also, use shuttles and coaches to transport guests rather than individual vehicles.

5. Wedding Favors

A succulent to be used as a giveaway at a wedding

Instead of giving favors which rely heavily on plastic give potted seedlings, succulents or herbs. You could also give locally grown tea or coffee for a more local flavor.

6. Naturally Enhance the Décor

Use natural elements such as the trees available at the venue to enhance the décor. You can also use other sources such as potted plants to add variety.

7. Registry

Ensure that all the items on your registry are eco-friendly. You can go further by asking your guests to donate to an NGO or charity which work towards reducing the carbon footprint using your registry.

8. Replace Plastic Bottles

Glass bottles to use as a replacement for plastic bottles at a wedding in Bangalore

Replace the usage of plastic bottles in the event venues by using glass bottles or large containers for water. In the welcome hampers that go out to guests use glass jars instead of plastic packages.

9. Use Reusable Props from the Decorator

Most decorators have a large inventory of props and accessories. Use those instead of making them create new ones for your wedding. (Pro tip: this will also help you drive down the cost).

10. Incorporate Natural Elements in Details

For place cards you can use personalized leaves or even freshly baked biscuits which double up as giveaways. Get your creative juices flowing!

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